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Tomorrow it Works

We Call You By Name, Treat You Like Family, Walk an Extra Mile, and Fix Your Problem

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Cutting Edge Technology

Permanent Pain Relief

Improved Quality of Life

Your Pain Can be Just a Phase

No matter what your struggle is, you can return to a better life—and have fun while doing it!

Do You Feel This Way?

Sick and tired of trying everything and anything including massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, drugs, injections and even DIY YouTube videos—and not getting long lasting results…

Fed up with outdated therapy “milking your insurance” while
keeping you in therapy for too long and showing slow or no progress…

You want a real solution designed specifically around your needs…

...Then you need Lilly Physical Therapy.

A Different Type of
Physical Therapy Clinic

"From the moment I walk in the door at Lilly Physical Therapy I am greeted with a genuine sense of care. The setting of the clinic is not only soothing but has an overwhelming comfort; a home away from home.

"The entire staff visibly has a passion and pride for the care, health and bettering of their patients and is overjoyed when they have completed their journey of healing!"

-Michaela Wilde

"I highly recommend Lilly Physical Therapy. It is unlike any other Physical Therapy I have had. It is a bar above the rest.

Lilly Physical Therapy is a positive place for healing. The Drs., Assistants and Staff are all encouraging and friendly. I always felt like I was in great hands throughout my shoulder treatment.

Each session they asked me how my recovery was going. They allowed time to listen to the progress and setbacks. Listening to me and my body – always adjusting the exercises for my body's strength and healing. And yes you do work hard too!

They were able to work with my schedule. I never felt like my schedule I was a bother–even when I was in a car accident during my treatment – the front staff made sure I was in within the next day to get me feeling better ASAP.

Give them a call!​

The LillyPT Story

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Back/Neck Pain

Get your confidence back

Ankle/Foot Injury

Run faster, jump higher


Look and feel younger

Headaches & Jaw Pain

Revolutionary treatment to make you smile again

Knee/Hip Injury

Move without pain or

Women's Health

Get your confidence back and feel great

We Treat You Like

You matter, and so does your pain, and so does your dream.

We believe in powerful transformations and changing people’s lives. This is why we consider your pain just a phase. Your dream is our destination.

We know you deserve a hope, support, and encouragement. We know you need special tools and programs to get there. And we know you want a fresh approach, fast results, and financial affordability. Finally, we know you want to have fun in the process.

Many physical therapy patients feel they are going through a difficult time in life where they feel alone, defeated, hurt and hopeless. We want you to know that it is going to be all right. You will overcome.

Whether your goal is hiking Mt. Baler, running a triathlon, competing at Crossfit Games, getting your body back after being pregnant, or just enjoying gardening again, we are here not just to help but to gain a better life and have fun while we are doing it!

Join our Family. Change Your Life. Have Fun. Fix it fast. Because life is a terrible thing to waste.

Dr. Lilly Bojic, DPT, CEO

Our Work Changes Lives

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