Our Team

Uche Esonu

Physical Therapy Aide

I enjoy working in physical therapy because I know that injury rehabilitation and proactive health changes are hard but necessary. In the past five years I’ve made diet and exercise changes that enabled to me lose over 40 pounds, remain a high level competitive olympic weightlifter and women’s rugby player; while recovering from chronic sports injuries and a serious motor vehicle accident. My measurable goals may have centered on athletic performance and injury rehab but my immeasurable goal was mainly to learn how to take better care of myself. However, I could not have made those changes without the help of qualified medical and fitness specialists. I want to help people use the tools at their disposal or point to additional medical resources to enhance their quality of life.

While many of my changes were controllable, that is not always the case for others. I enjoy helping patients get stronger and showing them how exercise is inclusive and customizable to everybody.  As a member of Lilly PT’s clinical staff I provide a supportive network for people to improve athletic performance, recover from illnesses and surgery, or combat health risks. I have made my own health changes and want to help others understand that at any age and any stage health changes are possible.

Working at Lilly Physical Therapy has provided me with so many opportunities to learn and grow on my path to PT school. It has been a great experience where I have grown my skills in a variety of areas, assisted with initial evaluations, and have had the opportunity to see individuals make huge transformations. I enjoy being able to work with a staff that is so helpful and personable. Each person makes me feel like I am apart of one big family.

Uche Esonu practices at our Edmonds, WA location.

24007 Edmonds Way, Edmonds, WA, 98026
Walk-Ins Welcome (425) 224-2476