Our Team

Sandra Bojic, PTA

Physical Therapist

Growing up I was around as many Physical Therapists as squirrels. I followed my mom around to conventions, conferences, medical tents at fun runs, clinics, hospitals and wherever else she worked. The entire time, I absolutely loved learning every bit I could. I even went to a Dr. Mulligan (a real rock-star in physical therapy) conference when I was 7 and he himself fixed my ankle right there!

Every time I found something new that fascinated me, even if I had no comprehension of what it was. My curiosity spread like wildfire–when I was about 16 I started volunteering with the PT program at the University of Washington. There I acted out the role of a patient in whatever scenario they provided. I participated with students from year 1 through 4 (their final) in competencies, practical exams, practice competencies, group learning opportunities and more. It just grew my passion to be out in the public volunteering and treating patients.

Now, at Lilly Physical Therapy, I find myself more excited about life than ever. I am treating patients of all ages, under the amazing skill of other professionals and in a setting that prospers personal growth.

Not a day goes by that my coworkers don’t make me laugh, support me and make me feel at home. I hope to continue my journey in Physical Therapy by taking continued education courses that are beneficial and directly affect my patient population. Lilly PT has already progressed my learning in providing me with myofascial cupping and multifunctional movement courses. Though I may be young, I am determined and grateful for the opportunities that have been provided to me. Lilly herself planted the Physical Therapy seed for me and Lilly PT the company continues to nourish my blossoming knowledge.

Working at Lilly Physical Therapy has provided me skills for not only my professional career but for my personal growth as well. All the staff make it a priority to pursue growth in every aspect of life. We make sure to start off each week with a good intention and self-reflection on the week prior. All the staff make it their goal to make each patient feel welcomed, cared for, and taken care of (as you would with family). I am grateful to be surrounded by such kind, genuine, and passionate people.

Sandra Bojic, PTA practices at our Edmonds, WA location.

24007 Edmonds Way, Edmonds, WA, 98026
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