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Miranda Taylor


I’ve always been interested in healthcare and the human body. My work in the medical field began as a dental assistant. As much as I enjoyed working with patients, I soon realized it wasn’t for me. An opportunity opened with the billing department at Lilly Physical Therapy, and since I love numbers, I decided to give it a try and quickly fell in love with it. I recognize that navigating finances and insurance while receiving medical care can be very stressful and is at times a barrier to care for many people. As a billing and front office specialist not only do I get to work with people but I get to help reduce their stress level and ensure they have a positive clinical experience during their time with us.

Being able to be the main go-to person to help make everybody’s day a little bit easier at Lilly Pt is amazing. Even more, with all the complexities of medical payment and insurance, it’s wonderful being able to help people walk through the process to understand what needs to be done to get them up and on their feet again without any confusion.

More than anything, specifically working with the team at LillyPT, I feel like I can give people their hope back. The success stories we have here and being able to watch people come in hurt and struggling, then transforming after just the first few sessions is incredible. I really feel like I’ve found a home-away-from home being part of the team here, knowing how happy we’re able to make the people that come through our door.

Working at Lilly PT is like being surrounded by friends and family. There is a sense of trust, accountability, ease, and genuine appreciation for everyone. We all have different roles but we keep balanced knowing each person supports each other and are all cross-trained. Most importantly, we remember to celebrate the small success and moments of patients and our coworkers. There is unlimited room for growth.

Miranda Taylor practices at our Edmonds, WA location.

24007 Edmonds Way, Edmonds, WA, 98026
Walk-Ins Welcome (425) 224-2476