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Stretch for Plantar, Heel and Shin Splint Pain

Get a Pen Handy and take some notes to get the most out of this instructional video.

If you do it correctly, it can help to relieve your pain pretty fast.

I have a SPECIAL OFFER for you if you live near Edmonds or Shoreline, WA.

This stretch is great, no doubt about it. You'll see once you try it.

But what's even better is when it's coupled with an amazing treatment I offer specifically for plantar, heel and shin-splint pain.

It can be pretty miraculous (not my words, what others have said).

If you want to totally get rid of your pain quickly and get back to walking, running and what you love, it's gonna take more than one stretch.

So, I want to give you ONE FREE "Try-it-Out" session of my 'miraculous' treatment (since you don't know me) but there's a catch.

You have to watch one more video below.

Seriously, don't you want to get rid of your shoe inserts, tape, golf balls, ice-packs, and whatever else you are doing and get fixed the right way?

Watch the video and I'll see you soon.

No strings. No obligations.