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​​​​Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  “What if I can’t afford the cost of my care, what should I do?”

 A: We don’t let finances get in the way of you getting better. At any time if you have financial concerns, let us know and we can help. We have special programs and payment plans for those with high deductible or no-insurance situations. So don’t worry.

Q:  “Can I pay my co-pays as I go each session?”

 A: Yes, you can. We prefer to get the financial part taken care of and out of the way so we can focus purely on you getting better, but you may pay co-pays as you go if you prefer.

Q:  “How do I apply my payments toward my deductible (insurance)?”

 A: There’s a simple form we can give you that has all the information you will need to send to your insurance company. Just let us know and we can give that to you each session.

Q:  “How much would it be for my friend to come see you?”

 A: We have a special voucher for family and friends that grants them a free consultation. In this consultation we determine the root cause of their problem and whether or not they are a good fit for our care, services and solutions.

Q:  “What if my insurance doesn’t pay you, what do I do?”

 A: Normally we give your insurance company several opportunities to respond to “failure to pay” situations, and we do everything we can on your behalf. We’ve been known to send complaints to the insurance commissioner before. But if they refuse to pay, the bill will be your responsibility as is required by law. But don’t worry, you will be given advance notice from us prior to this issue occurring. Oftentimes when you contact your insurance the issue gets resolved.

Q:  “What if I can’t make an appointment?”

 A: We understand that things can come up. All we ask is that you give us a 48-hour advance notice if possible. This gives us enough time to give the slot to someone else who needs it. We incur a cost every time an appointment slot goes unfulfilled. This policy* helps us to keep our care and services affordable. Thank you for your cooperation. *Repeated offenses may lead to fees and cancellation of future appointments.

Q:  “What if I need to change an appointment, who do I call?”

 A: Just call us at (425) 224-2476 and we will take care of you. Please avoid LAST-MINUTE* changes since this doesn’t give us enough time to give the slot to someone else who needs it. *Repeated offenses may lead to fees and cancellation of future appointments.

Q:  “Can I bring my kids to my appointments?”

A: Kids who do not require supervision are allowed to come and sit with you (or in the lobby). But if they need your attention, it’s not a good idea. This is YOUR time. And we find that you will get the most out of it if the session can remain distraction-free.

Q:  “What time do you open and close?”

 A: Our office hours change seasonally. Please call (425) 224-2476 to get the most updated hours.

Q:  “Will therapy make me more sore?”

A: There are two types of sorenesses. A “good sore” is when muscles you haven’t worked for awhile start working again. This is good and necessary for improvement. A “bad sore” is when your primary pain increases (the original pain causing your problem). You should avoid this. If your primary pain increases and stays increased for more than 48-hours, please call us immediately.

Q:  “What if I don’t do my home exercises, will that affect my progress?”

A: Yes. If you don’t do your program at home, or perform them irregularly, you will not get better as fast (if at all). It’s important you take our instruction seriously if you want results.

Q:  “Can I ice/heat it painful area at home?”

A: If your pain has unusually increased, more than usual, than it’s okay to ice it for 10-20 minutes but make sure to see your therapist to learn how to do it safely and effectively. Otherwise, it’s not a good idea to routinely ice/heat. Ask your therapist to learn more.

Q:  “What do I do when my pain gets really bad?”

A: If it’s an emergency situation, call 911. If it’s bearable but you are concerned, call us immediately. If it’s bearable and it occurs often, you may ice or heat it. Ask your therapist to learn what is best for you.

Q:  “What if I’m not happy with the care, who do I talk to?”

 A: It doesn’t happen very often but should there be any problem, we ask that you talk to us. In most cases we find that a little communication goes a long way. Just call (425) 224-2476 to speak with our “Patient Satisfaction Officer.”

Q:  “How do I get a copy of my medical records?”

 A: Just call (425) 224-2476 or email us at There may be a small fee based on the type and volume of records you request. Please allow for up to 7 days for requests to be fulfilled.

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