Is foot, ankle or heel pain slowing you down?

Free Workshop on How to Control Foot Pain Without Drugs, Injections or Surgery

A Free Workshop in Edmonds, WA

This workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 28th at 6 pm.

In this FREE workshop, you will learn...

  • 3 things you can start doing NOW for instant relief
  • The common causes of foot pain
  • The #1 danger that makes it worse
  • Best treatment options for long-lasting relief

and more...

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Mary Jo, Patient

I had developed plantar fasciitis  both heels and suffered for 3 years. I tried it all including cortisone shots. I walked in Lilly PT limping in pain. I walked out with no limp.

We call you by name. Treat you like family. Go the extra mile. And fix your problem.