Lilly Physical Therapy Could Have You

Free of Pelvic Pain, Leakage, and Diastasis Fast and Forever!

Does pregnancy related pain make it difficult to sit, bend and walk?

Does pain prevent you from being intimate with your partner?

Does new mommy baby belly or urinary leakage affect your confidence?

Were you told that sex and pregnancy has to hurt “a bit” and leakage is a normal part of being pregnant or aging?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re about to discover the turning point in your path to being pain free–naturally!

This turning point can give you permanent relief after just 6-12 weeks. Most patients feel noticeably better after their FIRST VISIT!


No Drugs. No injections. No risky mesh surgery. 

It is 100% safe and natural. This comes completely from a source you already trust.

Your own body!

Let me explain…

Your body has the capacity to heal far beyond what you’d expect. When the right stimulus is applied your body goes into a “healing mode.”

This “healing mode” immediately acts to relieve pain by calming the nervous system, stimulating nitric oxide production and inhibiting excessive neuromuscular activity.

Using advanced manual work, cutting edge technology, industry leading practices and healing movements that correct imbalances, we are able to unlock that healing potential for you. 

This isn’t just a quick fix.

This is a complete healing where we work with you to correct the problem that caused your pain in the first place.

Dr. Lilly has developed a specific combination of different proven medical procedures to maximum effect. At the most basic level, this can only be described as treating root cause of the problem by using comprehensive, cutting edge approach.


We have a wealth of successful programs and solutions providing exceptional results that fits a diversity of needs ranging from urinary leakage, pregnancy related pain to postpartum recovery (New Mommy Baby Belly) to pain with sex.


Some of our successes include:

  • Urinary leakage: 100% success rate. Results 50% faster than average.
  • Pain with Sex/Vaginism: Usually takes 10-12 months to heal; our special, cutting edge program gets you back to pain free sex four times faster so you can consummate your marriage, be intimate and even plan of having kids!
  • New Mommy Baby Belly (Diastasis Recti): Provides you affordability and convenience in healing abdominal split by giving you different options to fit your finances and time demands. The program has 3 levels ranging form online coaching to hybrid and VIP. (And our patients love it!)
  • Pregnancy care: Fast results with back and pelvic pain so you can enjoy this special time.

Most of our patients feel significantly better much faster than average!


We even make it fun.


But there’s no need to take our word for it.

What would you do tomorrow if you woke up and were pain free and confident in your body?

If you were energetic, healthy, and able to do the things you love and care for again?

What began as a doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Washington for Dr. Lilly has become a mission to heal women’s health issues just like what you’re dealing with now.

It’s Time to Heal

If you’re ready to living your life with confidence, playing sports with no leakage, being intimate or pregnant with no pain, or simply being fit after delivery, it’s time to schedule your appointment.

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