"Discover the secret to stopping headaches and neck pain... all-naturally, with no drugs."

  • Learn what is CAUSING your pain/problem.                 3 things you should start doing NOW.                         The #1 danger that makes it worse.                           Best treatment options for fast relief.
  • We believe in natural healing. This workshop will teach you how to heal all-naturally without drugs. 
  • The FREE headache and neck pain workshop will be hosted on Tuesday, January 15th at 6pm.
  • Join the Lilly PT family by attending our completely FREE headache and neck pain workshop.

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"I attended Lilly's last workshop. During her presentation, she gave a lot of steps for pain relief. Following my surgery, these steps were exactly what I followed to find relief. I believe that if I had met Lilly and her staff before injection and surgery, I would have been able to resolve the pain with their Physical Therapy expertise. Dr. Lilly is a master of her profession and her staff is amazing. They will make you feel like part of their family while treating you." - Eddie G.

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