"Discover the Secret to Stopping Back Pain... All-Naturally with No Drugs."

In this free workshop you will learn....

  • Learn what is CAUSING your pain/problem.
  • 3 things you should start doing NOW
  • The #1 danger that makes it worse
  • Best treatment options for fast relief

and more...

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This free workshop will be hosted on Tuesday, November 6th at 6:00 pm.

If you are having back pain that is preventing you from sitting, bending, lifting, and making you feel stiff, weak, tired and incapable of doing things you love, this workshop is for you.


We call you by name. Treat you like family. Go the extra mile. And fix your problem.

Eddie G.

Patient/Past Workshop Attendee

I attended Lilly's last workshop. During her presentation, she gave a lot of steps for pain relief. Following my surgery, these steps were exactly what I followed to find relief. I believe that if I had met Lilly and her staff before injection and surgery, I would have been able to resolve the pain with their Physical Therapy expertise. Dr. Lilly is a master of her profession and her staff is amazing. They will make you feel like part of their family while treating you.

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