About Us

Our mission is to end pain, restore hope, and provide guidance to a higher level of health all through the most caring experts, innovative approach and nurturing environment.

We achieve this by creating profound shifts in the lives of many by creating extraordinary teams, innovative services and healing places that feel like home.

Our Family-Oriented Culture of Value, Service and Experience

  • Team Work: We stretch outside of our comfort zone and undertake projects bigger then our self to stay humble, ask for help of others and work as a team. Our team is one body and everyone matters. We have collaborative, positive and family-oriented team spirit.
  • Integrity: We do what we say, keep our word, act and speak with honesty and transparency.
  • Innovation: We embrace and drive change and innovation so we can make more difference in this world.
  • Impact: We make profound impact in people’s lives and help each other grow.
  • Growth: We pursue growth and learning because it brings happiness to everybody.

This is how our clinic creates extraordinary experiences and powerful shifts in people’s lives as a result of fusion of new fresh, innovative approach and family and community values of the old world.

Our passion is to give people a place where they feel they truly belong and the opportunity to realize their potential. This way, they feel inspired to grow and change their lives for the better.

We give our patients hope and help them reach higher levels of health by creating a nurturing environment where they feel they belong and are the part of our family.

A Different Approach to Physical Therapy

We are a small Family Owned Clinic that was born from passion, tenacity and grit from their founders, Lilly and Pete, the first generation immigrants and refugees from War Torn Yugoslavia.

Creating Lilly Physical Therapy fused the best of both worlds: Old World sense of support, family and compassion, and New World sense of innovation, curiosity, and cutting edge thinking.

The Lilly Physical Therapy team nurtures a culture of community, compassionate care, making differences and growing. We bring our best positive self forward, emphasize personalized, hands on treatments, foster a very family oriented environment, embrace challenges as opportunities and thrive on a deep love for learning.

The Lilly Physical Therapy team hires high performers with big hearts, lifelong learners, people with endless enthusiasm, professionalism and passion for making a difference. Our staff loves working here and have created a strong team environment of fun, hard working, truly dedicated and loving professionals.

Who is Lilly Physical Therapy For?

We provide a community to all motivated people who want to be healed, nurtured, encouraged and listened. We will give you gentle, compassionate care to get you out of suffering.

  • This is for people who want to invest not just in healing but improving beyond their pain to get to the best shape of their lives and reach a higher level of confidence.
  • This is for those who want to become a part of our community and family for life. Even after you are done with your therapy we want you to consider yourself as a part of our family forever.
  • This is for busy people who don’t have time and want value in form of fast results.

We are good in respecting your time and giving you fast results. Long treatment sessions do not necessarily equal value. We have cutting edge tools, experience and advanced skills to give you results fast. Results equal value regardless of time.

If you want to be challenged beyond your comfort zone to gain strength and get your confidence back, we are here for you! We will do it the right way.

If you want to try new things, experience a new approach, try cutting edge technology, get the full package treatment, use our extensive associate support and heal naturally.

Who is This NOT For?

This is not for those who want a cold, reserved medical approach with no personal attention.

  • If you want just to get medical intervention without getting to know us, this is not for you.
  • This is not for people who don’t like friendliness and laughing. We like making people lough because we know that pain is not fun. So, if you are too serious you might not like us.
  • If you consider riding a bike and getting ice /cold pack as skilled therapy, we might not be for you (you can do this on your own at home).
  • This is not for those who want old style therapy and outdated methods (we use cutting edge technology and advanced methods and our patients love it).
  • This is not for those who believe in “no pain no gain” (we have better ways to help you heal).
  • This is not for those who are not willing to “let go of their pain” for secondary gain (we figure this out really fast).
  • This is not for those who don’t want to commit to the process and invest their time, effort and finances in what needs to be done (you will be expelled if you start skipping appointments).
  • This is not for those who disappear as soon as their pain gets a little bit better; we love working with people who are motivated not just to get rid of the pain but to get to the best shape of their life!

This is how we help people become FIT, FIRM, FREE OF PAIN so they can be energetic, youthful, and confident without pills, injections or surgeries

Our Work Changes Lives

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